About Us


hi  I'm Kayla Foyt, founder of Wook Worldwide. Wook Worldwide is a small business dedicated to promoting hearing protection with fashionable jewelry designs that integrate earplugs. It all started in the summer of '21 when I woke up from a concert with my ears still ringing, wishing I had remembered to wear earplugs. My dad is an ear doctor, so I grew up learning how critical hearing protection in loud environments is! And thus Wook Earrings, now known as Wook Worldwide was born. I dream of turning hearing protection into a trendy fashion statement so no earhole goes unplugged to a show...

What's a 'wook'? Urban dictionary offers a few definitions. (TLDR; dusty dirty new-age hippie.) I think we all have a little have a little wook within us at times.

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Special thanks to the laser-cutting goddess & my close bizz partner: Sierra Smith. Slice of Life is your one stop shop for custom laser cut goodies!